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Postpartum can equal Beauty

This is baby #4 for me, so believe me when I say I know about postpartum overwhelming, happiness, stress and just the memories of feeling beautiful. Lets be honest, its HARD to keep up with proper skincare routine and even a hair routine and all we want is the glowing skin and full head of hair from pregnancy. But luckily I'm speaking out about how to still prosper during these trying years! (yes postpartum can last up to two years).

Firstly drink more water, yes that easy. Water can lower the stress and hydrate your skin and plus keep your lips from getting dry and cracky! Secondly, try to rest as much as the baby and if you cannot (maybe you have chores, or need to eat, possibly go to work) then try using Yerba Mate, a natural herbal tea that can give you energy and create the chemicals in the body to produce happiness. Lastly, I created handmade skincare sensitive enough for moms and babies to use for an apply and go into a glowing blemish free skin and growing hair by plant based nutrients. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs to be fed by the ground with the most beneficial purposes, plus benefitting your mood levels.

While we're going through the post partum we can still treat ourselves just by placing a few drops of the Toner after our cleansing and begin our day with a brighter complexion and smile. And when the smile goes away and the stress comes and floods our expression, just look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment and an reward for loving yourself by adding in plant based nutrients daily, remember you come first and self-care is priority.

Good luck on our journey because motherhood does not come with a rule book but it is also help to make it easier to get through.

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