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Four Blessings of a Face Toner

Nourishing to the Skin:

Let's just take the moment to look at the picture to grasp the emotion of feeling beautiful in your own skin. Skin that feels nourished will have anyone feeling like this fine woman (in the left picture). A Toner is gentle and soothing to the skin to remove oil and traces of dirt and residue. Beautiful Face Toner has the properties to cleanse out your impurities underneath to repair the damaged skin into an clear and moisturizing appearance. I personally have scars on my face from a car accident at 12 years old ( i know so young!) and I can honestly attest that out of ALL the treatments I used to fade my scars, Beautiful Face Toner has lightened my scars to now they're barely existent. Nourishment to the skin is one of the BIGGEST secrets and key to beautiful clear toned skin!


Shrinks Pores and Fills-In Pores with Beneficial Ingredients

Have you ever went outside after getting fresh and clean, then immediately began sweating and/or oily to the point your uncomfortable since you're no longer 'fresh'? Well once your pores begin to Shrink and filling with beneficial ingriedients then the chemicals/secretes are being treated/corrected too! A toner will shrink your pores and cause the sweat to be lesser and the secretes of your oils will lessen as well! Using a toner is most helpful and necessary for people with Oily or Acne-Prone skin, because acne forms by unhealthy eating and dirty elements underneath the skin. A good toner like Beautiful Face has the capabilities to reach underneath the skin since it is abosrbed into the skin to cleanse out all impurities to restore the skin with consistent use of washing your face and then applying the Toner.


Removal of Unwanted Residue

The products we use can sometimes make our skin feel heavy, cakey or just not all the way clean right? Well that's what is called Residue, just like when you wipe your lipstick off and then still feel like lipstick is on it until you grab a remover/Toner. For people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup, or just got back from doing a great workout or other heavy products such as sunscreen; will greatly benefit from using a Toner. The skin after Beautiful Face Toner is clear, with no residue and your skin will be soft to the touch and enough luster to smile and make it through the harsh weather conditions (snow, winter, blazing hot day, or humidity). How? By Beautiful Face Toner seaping into your pores to Treat your skin without leaking out of your pores to create residue or complications (like a breakout or oiliness) and will still be comfortable on your skin because it's so lightweight and fresh! The Toner is needed to remove unwanted residue just as to remove unwanted residue from our teeth by using toothpaste.


Water to a Flower

Mmm you're probably wondering if a Toner is really necessary like a Flower needs Water, right? Well without water the flower cannot be at it's best state nor grow at all. Without using a Toner for your skin then the same goes for it, it'll be unable to be at it's best potential because it's lacking nutrients. Beautiful Face Toner can transform the way your skin looks and feels by being food for a healthy Ph in your skin, after cleansing it gently. The purpose of a Toner is to replenish and nourish skin after removing makeup and/or cleansing, this is a step that signficantly, and visibly, helps your skin. After cleansing your face, this is where the brilliant toner can shine on you! No more wondering how to get rid of those bumps, or how to fix the dark spots/extreme dryness when a Toner is made to fix all those annoying blemishes plus to improve your self-love by loving your appearance of fresh glowing skin! Not to mention this Toner is also water of Fountain of Youth, since of it's anti-aging qualities by feeding your skin nutrients to keep it properly tight, firm and smooth without aging-lines.

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