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Organic Slay Skincare Treatments


Are you tired of spending thousands on skincare products and it's not working.

Organic skincare treatments that work by cleansing inside the body to purify your skin.

All products below can fit any skin type, for babies and for your dog skincare.


Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation

Try the Beautiful Face and Body Toner for clearing the skin gently and preventing dryness. Include the Beautiful Face Cleanser to wash first and then use the Toner.


Severe Eczema

Tough skin and itchy can be treated with Eczema Body Toner for Rosacea too. This has vegan cortisone as the treatment for killing the affected bacteria causing this underlying condition.


Skincare Routine for Glow

The Beautiful Face Bundle Kit is perfect to include in your routine to add shine, vitamins in your skin and a glow because skin is moisturize and treated with nutrients and sun protection.


Acne, Scarring and Breakouts

Are you the makeup guru or Beauty Influencer, the full size Beautiful Face and Body Toner 4 oz for your make up primer, make up remover, and be the Toner after Cleansing with the Beautiful Face Cleanser.


Beard Care Kit

The scent is giving luxury appeal with a long lasting moisture to prevent dryness and promote hair growth. Add the Beautiful Face Foam Cleanser to wash beard and then apply the Beard Oil.


Dog Redness on skin

Oh no! Your pup or dog you love has irritant on skin that is itchy and causing issues can be treated with the Dog Astringent Toner for killing the bacteria underneath and give therapy to soothe the dog for calmness and relaxation.

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