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Beautiful Face Toner Journey

Let's just start out by accepting that everything with a purpose or greatness comes along a journey. Beautiful Face Toner in fact came along a journey since it did not manifest overnight with myself thinking of the perfect reliable skincare product for clear glowing skin! So! Let's get on with what started out as a joke into what became my destiny:


People come into your life for all the reasons: whether it be good or bad, right? Well let's just say when I First laid my eyes on him, I felt my intutition tell me to trust it and to see what would come out of us two getting to know each other more. So as you can tell by the title, my intutition stirred me right lol! Baron is a herbalist who studies herbal treatments, african history and the prime minister of dope Music. Myself however, was in college studying Criminal Justice with no real plan after graduating but to figure it out as I go, but I was very interested in my African culture. It's funny how when you trust the Universe (going with my intutition) that I was able to feed the curiousity of knowing all the elements of my ancestor's lifestyle. Anyway, Baron began introducing me to doctors such as, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. Umar Johnson and countless others. Just by me listening to their speeches I became astounded and motivated to better myself personally to become more inclinced to my African Roots.


Once I started going back to my roots I began using only natural ingriedients to treat my natural kinky curly type 4 hair. Now you're probaly wondering what combinations did I use to achieve healthy hair without buying it over the counter, huh? Well that's one word: YouTube. I began watching videos of other Natural kinky curly sistars who created their own shampoos, conditioners, gels, and stylers to achieve a very pretty effortless style! One for example is the most famous avocado and banana deep conditioner that will have your curls feel like butter to the touch! Shea Butter was my perfect sealant after my hair was wet, to seal in the water and then to lock it in with Olive Oil as the final step. Progress was being made with the consistency of healthy hair care that I furthered it into skincare! I began creating my own shea butter mixes for my own liking, I preferred it to have the Whipped consistency for softness and easier application.


Along the journey of creating skincare and haircare products for my own personal use I then became curious to buy some even better products from black owned businesses. My fiancee' Baron took me to a annual summer African festival, Odunde, in his city Philadelphia where hundreds of black owned businesses sell their fresh products of Shea butters, candles, oils, fragrances, clothes, jewelry and anything you think of they probably will be selling! I was outdone by all of the creations we can make but still be the same category such as all of the different ways to make shea butter lotion, or a tea tree shampoo. Later I ran into more black woman owned businesses selling haircare and skincare that I then began to ask myself, why am I buying it and not just making my own? (I was really being cheap haha). Plus I was getting overwhelmed by my weekly spa routine of: washing my face, steaming my face, exfoliating my face, clay mask, and then finally done!


In 2015, I have been using Beautiful Face Toner for my personal use to cut down the steps (i previously stated in my last section) that I was taking in order to get clear skin with a toned complexion. Many people including Baron have seen the difference in my skin by stating how much my skin is glowing, how great it looks, how clear it is and just amazed by it! Especially when I am wearing Zero makeup coverage! Of course, since I am humble, I just thought my creation was working and that's good news for me! Baron then started using the creation and said, "Wow it really works!" Yes I know he's a herbalist and was surprised, well that's because he is not a creator but a Director. However, once I started noticing my cousins skin was acting up terribly while she was using her platform as a Fitness Model, I immediately whipped her up some of my creation and then that was all she wrote! Because she was outdone of how it actually worked! Especially since she's been dealing with problematic skin for years! So it have clear skin PLUS a nice natural fresh glow, she immediately supported us to start selling Beautiful Face Toner for all people to enjoy! Before I put it on online to sell, I had a handful of customers with all amazing results that most attested that they never received from their past treatments. I am excited to share our product with Everyone and also to wish for woman of color mainly to feel beautiful in their own skin complexion by making it Glow even brighter!

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