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6 OZ SPECIALITY BOTTLE of OIL.As an African woman curves come naturally, especially in certain tribes. To be a Goddess of Venus is to be a signal of Beauty and Love. For WOMAN, to enhance their breasts and/or buttocks, but preferably for the buttocks area.This product will give your buttocks a natural plumpness (from the food you're eating), softness to the squeeze, flexibility as you walk and a smoother appearance.For your Breast Area, the chest will grow in a fuller way. CAN BE USED FOR MEN.Product Can Give:- Toning - Definition- Growth - Increase sex drive- Diminishing stretch marks - Lift breast- Massaging  DISCLAIMER: This product increases sex drive, participate with discretion.NOT FDA APPROVED.  Inspired and Dedicated to "Sarah Baartman" who was a young woman with a small frame and large butt. US woman can have this and be a Goddess instead of a Sex Slave.

Organic Enhancement Growth Oil 4 oz

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  • For Buttocks: Best when used  after showering while your pores are open and body is warmed up, ready to recieve oils into the pores. Once ready to use oil, pour a small amount in palm of hands and rub hands together until oil feels warm. Spread oil onto your buttocks evenly: on the upper area near the back, on the buttocks, under the buttocks until oil is dissolved. EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

    *NOW EAT A MEAL, preferably a diet of: Starchy foods, vegetables, fruits, french fries etc.

    For Breast: Same steps of warming oil into hands. Spread oil onto your chest in circular motions going in the INward direction until oil is dissolved.

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