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4 oz- Regular Size, lasts a month or so but the complete size for seen results: Beautiful Face Toner is a consistent treatment that can nourish and heal for clear natural glowing skin. The ingredients are the treatment so once you apply, no Products are needed afterwards! You're face can feel moisturized, skin can become glowy and blemishes can disappear away gradually! The potion is powerful so it is unecessary to use another product (harsh chemicals,commercial lotions, etc) after applying the product. Ingredients are a combination of Oils infused with Alkaline Water. No nuts, additives, or chemicals. Once you apply Beautiful Face Toner on your fresh face, the ingredients will soak into your pores to restore your skin into a clear complexion with a healing of a natural glow! The Toner feels so lightweight on the skin, fresh instantly you'll sense and moisturized indefinitely that no other product is necessary afterwards. This Toner is filled with antioxidants, sun protection, ph balancer, fatty acids, and many many more beneficial qualities to enhance your skin into a clear glowing complexion!

Not FDA approved.

Beautiful Face Body Toner Original Scent 4 oz

$160.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • No refunds due to sanitary reasons.

  • Pour a dime sized amount onto a cotton pad (preferably). Apply the cotton pad on a Clean Face and Neck (Best when use Radiant Facial Cleanser) and allow it to Air-Dry. That is ALL!

    No other products necessary because the product is filled with moisture to leave your skin hydrated.


    Make-Up Enhancer: Apply Toner on a clean face and allow it to Air-Dry and then proceed to apply your Make-up. You will notice your make-up is brighter, more even since pores are smaller and flawless.


    Make-Up Remover: Apply Toner on a cotton pad and rub onto make-up to remove. That is all.


    Do Not Place into Eyes and for External Use only!

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