Sea Moss cleaned by three washes using distilled water for 24 hours.

Then raw sea moss is blended with alkaline water to create the "applesauce" texture.

Frozen until ready to ship, to perserve freshness for customer.

Packaged in 4 oz bag.


Sea Moss benefits:

Has 92 out of 102 minerals founded inside our body. Consuming sea moss gel daily can promote blood, strengthening your organs to regulate your system. Sea moss apart of your healthy lifestyle will improve skin, mood and remove the mucus from the body. 

Sea Moss Gel

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"Sarah Baartman" 1789-1815 South Africa

Her story is one to know and I wish to share it with you in regards to Goddess of Venus.

Sarah is from KhoiKhoi, where there are thousands of woman with very large butts as a sign of Beauty but mainly as not out of the ordinary for their assets. Now Sarah is also part Bushmen (Sans tribe) from her mother being from this area where, people naturally have a lighter skin tone with developed hips. So Sarah has the natural "medium-sized" body of a African Goddess only standing at 4'7, with alluring beauty. She was bought as a sex slave and named: Hottentot Venus, by the Dutch and was exploited throughout European countries: museums, in the zoo, circuses, music halls and involuntary sexual advances. Europeans seen her large butt as 'abnormal' and as amazement of her physique. At the age of only 26 years old and very far away from Home, she died in Paris as a poor woman. Her body and genitals were left in a Paris museum until; thankfully, President Nelson Mandela (1994) of South Africa, returned her back into KhoiKhoi tribe to properly bury her, and respect to rest in peace.

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